Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Must Cram the Dewey Decimal System!

I got a job interview at the regional library system here!! YAY!!! I still have 2 or 3 years of school left, but I have and interveiw for the job I am working towards! Its just an on call position, so not steady, but at least I will be in their system and making 20$ an hour rather then the 8.50 I am makeing at the Video Store. Not that I am quiting the video store even if I get the job, cuz work is not a for sure thing, and I would rather get a steady income at a lower wage then no income at all. However, if I can get one shift a week as a call in I will be making about as much as I make for every 3 days of video store work. which some weeks is all I get. SO YAY for me! but I have to go brush up on my Library Tech stuff and relearn the DDC so that I don't bomb the interview!

The stupid thing is that to get into the Library Tech program here you need to have 40 hours of library experience. Its like" we will teach you to work in a library when you have shown us that you already can". Its like how the bank won't give you a loan unless you can prove you can get along without it. ANYWAY.. who cares! with any luck and a new pair of dress pants I will be skipping that process and getting into the program by next fall! I"mm so excited I am having a really hard time focusing on my homework.. and the interveiw is not until next week, AFTER all my stuff is due....

this is gonna be an interesting weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Fighting over a Font Size???

can someone explain to me how two people can have a big fight, yelling, avoidance, crying, the whole bit, over something completely stupid and then be totally fine 45 minutes later (or better then fine as the case may be) I just don't get why we bother to fight in the first place. okay, we were both tired and trying to do something together and neither of us were getting our point across very well. But why does it sometimes take a fight to get a very simple point across? or make a basic connection in communication?

On the other hand, if I am gonna have a fight with my fiance, I am just glad it is over the little things and not over something huge and insurmountable. I usually feel much better after a fight that has resulted in a better communication because it proves we can fix things when we do fight.

oh I dunno. But if we can keep our fights to this kind, I will be totally happy. Anything I can get over before going to bed is fine with me. We already had our big "don't talk to me cuz I hate you" year long fight, and that was bad even before we were dating! I fully intend for that to be the last of that nonsense!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Fiance's Girlfriends

YAY! My lingerie shopping buddy is moving back!! she lives out in Ontario at the moment, but she is moving back home to the west coast. I don't actually know her very well. she was a high school friend of my fiance who comes back here every couple of years or so. and somehow for the last 6 years we have ended up going to intimate wear stores together every time. Seriously, the first day I met her we bought silk pjs together. And this was before I was even dating my current Fiance. I have no idea how that happened, but its been a tradition since then. One of those very strange things. But she is a very nice girl and I know Gord will be happy to be able to see her more often.

I have to say that that man has great taste in female friends. I get alone very well with all his ex-almost-girlfriends and high school friends. A couple of them are coming to our wedding even! I think the only one that I REALLY don't like is the one that I introduced him to (but not in an on purpose to date kinda way) back when me and him were just best friends . She was a friend of a friend who weaseled her way into MY life and was very demanding. she basically stalked him until he gave her what she wanted, and went out with her a couple of times. (and we are not gonna get into what exactly it was that she wanted either!!!) All the time demanding that I set them up and give her tips on how to get him and all that crap. Too be fair, I later found out that she is slightly autistic and therefore very focused and lacking in social skills, but it was a messy and unpleasent situation all the same.

But I saw her the other day at at that mutual friend's wedding, and the look on her face when I told her that I was marrying Gord was PRICELESS! So funny! made all the better by the fact that he carried on a short conversation with her and then had to turn to me and ask who she was, cuz she looked vaugly familiar! He was so embarrassed when I reminded him. *happysigh* aaah that was a good day. There is nothing like having your Fiance not even RECOGNIZE the only woman who was ever a rival of any kind.

but I need food now. later!

Monday, November 14, 2005

oooohhh there are people reading!

here I am wondering if anyone ever actually reads these.... so I did a google search of my screen name and blog and what comes up? a Blog at that mentions and links to this one (or rather to the first version of this I started and changed cuz it bugged me. so the link is broken now, but hey) Anyway. just thought that was a little nifty.

Lately I have quit checking the webboards that I used to be on 24/7. I think I am going through withdrawls (its if you are interested). The thing is that the people there all used to be accepting and very helpful and pleasent. those people are still around, but they are being overrun by the whiners and the people picking fights. or encouraging them. it was depressing. I know I know, that is the status quo for pretty much every webboard in existance, but I swear, this one was NOT like that for the longest time! I think the population of members hit critical mass and things exploded. Anyway, its killing me not checking it although I know if I do I will just get annoyed again. and that is something I do NOT need.

but I really have to stop making these late night entries. I already have to cut back my hours at work to accomodate school, and I really shouldn't be staying up late anyway Talk atcha all later!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

We are SO ahead of the game

If my school stuff is all chaos, my wedding stuff is coming along nicely. Today we picked out our rings and bought our bed. All on the spur of the moment too. AND we saved about 1500$ while doing it. Talk about a good whim! pre-christmas sales are a good time to do major shopping. even if you don't need it until April; thats what layaway is for. OH and we booked our honeymoon hotel too. tres cool. All this during a simple trip to buy snow tires :-)

Gord is so cute when he is planning for future stuff, and when he is spoiling me with silk PJ's just cuz I went "ooohhh those are pretty!" anyhow, its been a good day (although scholasically VERY unproductive. BAD me!)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Chaucer is cool

I know I risk being labeled a TOTAL geek by saying so, but damn was that old man ever funny! However having said that, writing an essay about him is not fun. Its hard to find textual support for a point when you can have to cencentrate just to understand what is being said. And when you have 8 small font pages to scan through to find it!!! oh well. at least I don't have a final exam in this class. Which means that I can spend time in class just appreciating the irony and satire and stories, rather then stressing about remembering every little detail.

So anyone have any thoughts about what Chaucer has to say or imply about female spirituality in the caunterbury tales??

yeah didn't think so.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I really shouldn't be doing this

In an effort to avoid all kinds of homework and essays and speach writing and novel reading that I SHOULD be doing right now, I started a blog. never seemed like something I would do, but there you have it.

OOH! I get our preview movies early this week because of remembrance day! Which means I will be watching Medagascar and Skeleton key and Stealth tommorrow at my place while I am trying to do homework. oh actually not until friday cuz I am watching a play with my future in laws tommorrow night. That will be fun, though I will feel guilty (much like now) for not doing homework.

I love school. I get all excited about the prospect of learning new things. but I HATE homework. I would love to find a school where you listen to lectures and take notes and do an exam at the end to make sure you were awake and actually learning. none of this presentation and essay crap. oh well. The things we do for a degree...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Seminar Presentations Suck (as do men, but for whole OTHER reasons!)

Thats all I really have to say. Its mignight and I have to be up in 7 hours and I am starting to seriously stress over having to give this presentation.

could be worse though. At least I haven't found my boyfriend/fiance in bed with another guy like my friend did yesterday. gotta keep these things in perspective!