Monday, March 26, 2007


well. I apparently like to blog at the end of semesters. cuz its 4 months later and here I go again!

So today I walk all the way over to the school, JUST to find that the interesting class that I went to, which is the only reason I left the house today, is cancelled. gr. well, I am SO not going to my afternoon class. I know what is gonna happen in that one. a silly quiz which is worth 1% and for which I have not read the material. cuz its confusing and complicated. and a REALLY boring video about the authors scandalous life. My teacher doesn't actually like to teach. He either makes us do groupwork all class, present "seminars" to each other, or watch movies. I can't believe I spent 500$ to sit around and be confused with 28 other students. *sigh*

oh well. I got 2 weeks. then a couple more, and THEN I am going to Hawaii! YAY! and its going to be our first anniversary. oddly enough, the trip and the anniversary coinsiding is purely coincedental. kind of. the wedding was planned for after my exams. as is the trip. either way it works out. We will be in Hawaii for a week, and someone else is paying for it! I like Gord's co-workers. Some of them are very generous :-)

Anyway, I should get back to it. I have stuff due and a very busy day tommorrow in which I will be not doing as much homework as nessicary. But its my birthday, so I don't care :-p