Friday, December 23, 2005

Now that I can move again

Yeah, so that wonderful week I was looking forward too completely sucked. not only did I not get the library job, but I got SO sick with the flu that that was probably a good thing! I was sick for almost 2 weeks. I slept for 3 days straight and still had to work and write exams. THEN, I got a cold on top of that and completly lost my voice. which is really not good for the church music director!!! and my final essay assignment was a week overdue and sucked. a lot. but I don't care I got it in and the teacher said that he woudln't take marks off for the lateness. which was super nice of him!

Oh well. I am mostly better now. I have a voice again. Although it gets gravelly if I talk to much, and I still can't sing. *sigh* Thats okay. its only Christmas. Nothing to sing about then..... *rolling eyes*

but aaanyway. I am tired, and have a couple of busy days coming up with the work and family stuff all dancing around each other hollering for my attention... so I am going to bed. Talk to you guys soon!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And on the 10th day there shall be Serenity

:-) I"m excited. I get to see Serenity again in 10 days. I love getting DVDs 4 days before the release.... :-)

anyway, I just thought the title sounded cool. its doesn't have much to do with whats been up with me lately. I had my job interveiw and it want really well. I blew them away with my typing speed, and was totally calm during the whole interview. It was a little bit creepy. I was not nervous in the slightest. I"m usually at least a little bit shaky.

THEN after my very good interview, I check my work schedule and I managed to get a whole week off. and not just any week. The week that the Library training will be if I get the job. and I am working 5 days a week in 2 stores for the whole rest of the holiday! How strange is that??? usually when you say you can work full time they put you on full time right away.

I"m taking all this as a sign that I will get the job..... but I'm still trying not to get too hopeful just in case. I don't have all the training that they like in the circulation assistants, so I may not get it based on that. I will find out by this thursday as training starts on Friday. They are in a crisis for call ins at the moment. which is good for me.

But if I don't get it, then hey! I will have a week off. and hopefully 10 days from now (after said week off) I will be a little more serene. cuz holy stressed! Hopefully I will get my last essay and my first exam done tommorrow, and then I can start to chill some.

and having said that! holy CRAP! Christmas is coming up way too fast! luckily I have no money and everyone knows that so I am not really doing much this year. I am gonna make up some of my famous orange powered drink, cuz its fairly cheap and ppl whine if I don't. But that is about it. Unless I get the library job and get paid for training before Christmas. which would rock. a LOT. And then ppl are getting diamonds and game consoles again :-)

Oh gotta go! time to head to my minimum wage job while I keep my fingers crossed for a better one (which will make it really hard to work the till. but oh well ;-) )