Friday, March 31, 2006

If you don't like sex.....

Okay, so I downloaded a copy of Buffy Season 7.  Bad me, I know.  But I own all the other ones and REALLY didn't like Season 7, but figured I should have it for continuity and completeness.  I might buy it one day.  HOWEVER, the point is, that I have been watching it, and when I come to the episode "Touched", the person who ripped the copy cut out the sex scene! I mean seriously! if you don't wanna watch the occational not-even -any-nudity sex scene, this is really the wrong show for you! 

Course, I think it may have something to do with someones supermorality and the prevalance of Gay Willow/Kennedy Love. but I mean seriously, what? Violence, Devil Worship, Demons, Black Magic, and Ripping DVD's is okay, but two girls kissing warrents censorship?  *sigh* I don't get people. I mean, I respect that some people don't wanna see it, but its none of their business if I do. And its jarring to the flow of the show.  And if they are in the business of supplying a product, it should be intact!

anyway, gotta go watch the old recorded VHS copy I have to get over the annoying censorship frustration!

I"m out!

Friday, March 24, 2006

The Black Hole I Live In

How much Crap can one fit into a 7x10 foot room? with a Queen sized bed in it!??

I am packing to move tommorrow  (YAY we get our apartment tomorrow!) and I have an amazing amount of stuff. I am throwing all kinds of things out, and have boxes filled with stuff like extra purses, candles, books I forgot to pack in the book boxes, jewelry, and caligraphy pens.   I thought I hardly owned anything.  boy am I ever glad I am not packing a whole house!  Luckily, I am coming back here for a couple weeks before the wedding, so I will have time to pack or trash the dregs of my belongings. Who ever had this brilliant idea that moving around the end of the semester would be okay should be shot.  oh wait. that was me.  crap.  *sigh*

Anyway, on the plus side, I am very excited cuz I am FINALLY moving out of my Parents house! YAY. and its a nice apartment and eventually it will be me AND Gord and that is just cool :-) and he bought me a corner, red cherry desk with a hutch and everything. SO nice!  He spoils me rotten sometimes. :-) Always a good thing to look for in a man.. And to think, I almost married someone who I would have to support with my minimum wage job....  Phew.

Anyway, back to dust stirring and feeling guilty that I am not doing homework because I am packing.  gr.  I have a week to do a 3000 word paper I have not really started yet. plus a hand full of smaller 1500 word essays that I sort of have started.

And I"m off again!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Super Power

If I could have a supernatural power of some kind, I would do one of 2 things.  The first would be to have the ability to think something onto paper (or in this case computer screen) that way I do not have to waste all this time and energy organizing my thoughts and typing. For example, I have this story in my head, and I managed to get the short version onto paper once, but the long version is still rattling around in there.  If I had this ability, I would be able to just will it to be written, and it would. with perfect grammer and everything. A direct link out of my brain into a hard format.  Or, I would do the same thing for this paper that I am having such a hard time with that it is overdue. BAD me! Typing and planning and organizing take so much time its annoying.

The other thing, and actually probably the first thing I would do is have the ability to take on any characteristic of any fictional character I want, from books or movies or whatever.  This probably gives me every power in the book, not to mention some interesting personality choises.  so to keep it from being completely all powerful, it would have to be from any character I know about, and probably only one power at a time.  This of course means that I can WRITE a story about a character who can think papers into exsistance, and I would be able to do it!  or I could fly. or I could say all those witty, clever things I would love to say if I ever thought of them at just the right moment, or any thing else you have ever admired in a character. 
To be fair, I stole this idea from Gord.  He thought of it first and I tweaked it :-)

Anyway, back to the long way of doing things.  *sigh*

Pressing onward!