Thursday, November 30, 2006

TV Shows

I"m SO close to being done for the semester! one paper and a handful of exams. Of course, I then get 2 weeks off and get to start all over again! this is a dumb system! of my own choosing. :-)

I'm watching Jericho. Its an interesting show, about a small town that survived a big nuke attack and have no idea what happened and are completely isolated. But doesn't seem to be goin anywhere. Its interesting, but they are starting to write themselves into a melodrama-type corner and the main storyline is weak.

Heroes is much better. I LOVE that show. The characters are interesting, and the story is shaping up to be very cool. There is enough mystery in it to keep you interested, but they don't keep you in the dark forever like they do in Lost. And I think my Husband is becoming obsessed with it. its too cute!

Anyway, I should get back to doing my last paper.
I"m out