Tuesday, February 28, 2006

After Class Venting

so, I am neck deep in school stuff. you know it is bad when you feel guilty for taking 10 minutes at 10:30 at night to mess around on your blog and type random things, cuz you really could be doing something constructive.  and this is all after 2 oral presentations, a meeting with the arts advisor, and a midterm, all in the same day.  *sigh*  ah well. another 60 days of this and I will be on my honey moon.

Thats right, I started the official countdown today.  It is 60 days til my wedding. YAY!  I am very excited, in case you can't tell :-)  anyway, lots to do between now and then.  and I am starting to doze off and I am sure my ramblings are becoming less and less coherant (much like my presentation today when the nerves hit me. in the gorram middle of the blasted thing!  what a time to get nervous!  when its almost over!)   anyway, I am gonna go watch some Buffy (Season 3, Faith just turned evil)  and go to bed. I think

Life and Stuff

YAY for me! I just found out that I only have 11 more classes to go til I am done my BA degree! that is a year and a half if I continue going full time. one year if I take courses in the summer semester. which I probably will next year. Unfortunately, my Library Tech courses are unmeshy with my BA program, so I will be another year and a half after that getting my LIBT certificate. *sigh* oh well. thats about what I expected. and at least the LIBT classes are lower level and thus less of a work load.

Other then declaring my major and planning my life for the next 3 years, I have nothing really new to report. Lots of homework and wedding stuff. My dress is coming along nicely, and we have got fabric and stuff to make ties. although Gord's best man refuses to wear a white shirt, and I am not sure how we are gonna work that in. I"m sure we will figure something. I think I am in the lull before the storm. all assignments, plans and hell is gonna break loose at the end of March and last through most of April.

I miss my Vancouver Browncoats! :-( all this business compounded with the fact that they are an hour and half away means I haven't seen any of them since late november! I keep trying or meaning to go, but blasted other stuff gets in the way. Its annoying. I am really looking forward to my move in April, cuz I will be 45 minutes closer and have some more spare time since I will not be in school, or driving so much. I"m gonna have to invite them to my housewarming open house in may. That should be fun! Yet another of the wedding/life party business that I gotta work on. I"m all excited about it though. I am not having a bridal shower and having this post wedding bash instead. hee hee hee. anyway, on to lunch and classes!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Dirty Little Secret

okay, so I am a long time Browncoat, secretary-type person for the Vancouver Browncoats, I've seen the movie 4 times, and I put it on in the video store as often as I can, but I do not yet own a copy of Serenity. Its been out since December, and I do not own it. I will have to do that one of these days. I guess I have been holding out til I feel like I NEED too see it again (up close. the video store screens don't count :-) ) also for when I don't feel broke. I think I didn't get it for Christmas cuz everyone expected me to get it for myself.
anyway, I fully expect the Browncoat community to make shocked faces at me for while now :-)

Anyway, I am watching the movie "Proof" with Gweneth Paltrow. so far its okay. about a crazy girl, so its a little disjointed, but so far good.

Oh! wedding plans are going pretty well. Getting all my wedding dress alterations done, picking out flowers, getting the guys ties made, getting shoes dyed, trying to find someone else to marry us cuz our bishop can't do it now. all that fun and exciting stuff. I just want it too be april now. school being done and wedding coming up. Its amazing how two and a half months can seem SO far away, and way to soon all at the same time. I just have too much to do before then! but I want it to be now!

I can't win!
cept last night with Gord. That was pretty awesome :-)
not as awesome as it could be. that is still comin....
yet another reason that I want 2 and a half months to come faster!