Monday, January 30, 2006

Weird Dream. Strange, Weird Dream

something random I was thinking about.

if we were to stop all law inforcement, how bad would it actually get?

I"m not saying we should DO that. I'd just curious to find out how bad would it actually get. there would probably be a sharp increase in crime, since it would be the whole "yay now I can" thing. But I think it would probably hit a peak and either plateau or decrease again. I mean, the people who really want to break the law would do it anyway right?

Course that would put the emphasis of society onto raising our children right in the family.

Never mind. now that I think about it, people are screwed up and the concept family is fragmented and broken. If we can't even get the basic unit of society right, there is no hope for the rest of it.

My hands are dry. I need cream.
(hey, I said I was random!)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

I am now a whole lot richer

cuz I have signed house and morgage papers with my fiance! (who has quite the savings by the by) Anyway, if all goes well and no unexpected hiccups occur, we will be taking possestion of a very nice apartment at the end of march. YAY! a block or so from my school, has 2 bed, 2 bath and a fireplace, deck, and walk in closet. we have more then 25% down so its gonna be a fairly small morgage and will hopefully be paid off well withing 10 years. I am very excited!!!

Its been an insane week, and I am sure I have missed some important hanging out with friends and some even more inportant homework, but I think that grown up life stuff is important enough for that. As far as I know, we are all clear until march and I can get back to multitasking my school and wedding and social life arranging for a bit. without the added apartment hunting issues. too... much.... multitasking........

Although we do still have to figure out what in heavens name we are gonna do witht he largeish, crystally chandeleir that the very nice old lady wants to leave for us in the fairly small apartment. Its not an ugly thing by any strech of the imagination. I just find it a little ostentatious for the size and scope of the place. maybe we will take some of the ornamentation chrystal off of it so its not quite so big and cluttered. We shall see. but it is very pretty.

OH and I got my bridesmaid's dress in. and we ordered our shoes.

Left to do: small flower order, look into renting chairs and maybe a carpet(or fake grass) for the soggy lawn, make up a lunch menu, talk to my doctor about anti-baby pills or some such crap, get the alterations on my dress done, buy the best man a suit, sign more morgage and property papers, clean my room, throw stuff out, pack, paint, remove ostentatious lighting, move, stock kitchen, 8 essay assignments, 10 small assignments, 2 midterms, 4 final exams, read MANY books and poems. and I am sure much more. Thats just what my up for 19 hour brain can come up with.

Is it April yet???

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Insanity

aaah back to the crazy familiarity that is school. And having 4 or 5 hours at a time to sit in the computer lab doing nothing. I"m suddenly sensing.... more regular blog entries! I"m thinking tuesday and thursday afternoons. We will see how it goes. I am taking a few 3rd year upper level courses, so I may be insanely busy.

In fact I already have an assignment I should be working on that is due in a couple weeks. But YAY its on shaepeare! and a play I know really well! I am jsut SO glad that the teacher of my Shakespeare course didn't put Hamlet on the course. cuz how many times can one study Hamlet without going a little crazy themselves??? cuz I've worked up to 3 courses including a fairly in depth stufy of Hamlet. I got an A+ on the last Hamlet assignment I did cuz I have so much time invested in that silly play.

Okay, I love the play. its great and complex and facinating. But there are so many other plays that I would LOVE to learn about. so I am getting a few of those this semester. YAY! they are mostly some Roman plays, with a few comedies thrown in so the class does not commit mass suicide from the sheer depressing force that is Shakepearian Tragedy.

Anyway, between that and the wedding coming up at the end of this semester, I am gonna be goin nuts. but I"m going house hunting on sunday (I think) and I'm VERY excited about that! :-) Technically I think Gord is buying the house. I"m not sure if we are gonna joint sign for it or not, since it will be signed for before the wedding. Either way I won't always be able to make it to look with him, but we are gonna make sure we are on the same page this week so he doesn't get hopeful about some hedious place while I am at work! We are buying an appartment or townhouse or something, so I'm demanding my own washer/dryer and hoping for a fireplace of some kind. And of course a hot tub, but I am thinking that may be a little out of our range. :-)

GGGRRRR I"m trying to order books online, but blasted Chapters site is SO slow. and only working half the time. this is not inspiring confidence in those of us who are paying by credit card over the internet. I mean, if it seizes up, and you click it again, is it gonna charge and ship it twice or not? Its like Russian roulette. With money. That you do not have. oh well. hopefully I can get my books sometime this week.

But I gotta go beg a prof to let me into her class. Later!