Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back Again And Thinking.

Okay, so I really suck at writing during the summer. We all knew that by now right?

Hawaii was Amazing. We would go back in an instant if we had the cash. Gord practically lived in the ocean. too cute. And we had perfect weather the whole time. And Gord bought me pearls and diamonds, so I ain't complaining! :-)

After that, its all been crazy. Family reunions, lots of hanging with friends, me working full time all of a sudden, etc. We were just last night at a friend's wedding party. That was a tonne of fun. after the 3 hour trip to get there. Apparently a chicken truck fell over on the freeway, so what shoulda been an hour trip took considerably longer. even after we got off and took other routes. thats right, most of the wedding guests were delayed by chickens. go figure! Vancouver area traffic really sucks. The routes really need to be reworked. gah! complain complain complain some more.

My little sister starts college next week. We even have a class together. Now she is younger then me by enough that we have never been to the same school, even my high school that went from grades 7 to 12. I have been doing this for way too long. Its a good thing I usually enjoy it! Of course the homework is getting very very tiresome.

Anyways, random musings of the day: Tradition, why do some people get so hung up on doing things just the same as everyone else for no other reason then its "traditional"? I mean, I am all for a good turkey dinner for Christmas, its as good an excuse as anything, but why pressure oneself to do the things that you don't really like, just cuz thats the way its done. silly. Get married in teal. Its good for people! ;-)