Sunday, August 05, 2012

This will not be a Mommy blog......

......but it may come up occasionally.  Like now.
Warning:  There will be complaining.  But that is what you get for reading my journal.

You know how some women are all like "ooh being pregnant is the best thing ever, I would be pregnant forever if I could.  Isn't it wonderful?  blah blah blah"?  I'm SO not one of those women.  At no point in the last 8 months have I actually "enjoyed" the experience.  I mean, it has not been completely terrible. I've had no complications, or been in excessive amount of pain.  I would not be opposed to doing it again at some point for the end result, but I don't exactly love it.  And this is not just the 8-months-pregnant-tired-of-the-whole-thing cliche talking.  I have felt this way pretty much since the beginning.

I hate having to sleep on my side. A lot.  I hate the achiness, awkwardness, fatigue, and being a walking commercial for Pepto Bismol.
I especially hate people I barely know coddling me and asking if I am okay in that tone of voice that makes it sound like I have cancer rather than an intentional larvae.  I'm spawning, not dying, and everything is fine!

And then there is the kicking/squirming/something not me moving around.  It is kind of neat at first. It's a reminder that there is a little person cooking in there, and that is really cool. It's also really good to know that baby is doing okay. And its still fun every once in awhile.  But the novelty wears off kinda fast.  About the third time in a day that my tummy gets the hiccups without me, I just get annoyed. The first time I find it kind of adorable. But it's also distracting, kind of  tickles, and can make me feel a little queasy.  And then there is the actual kicking.  I feel like if I'm lending the kid space, the least she could do is not kick at the walls when I am trying to sleep.  It's not like there is anything I can do yet, so keeping me awake is totally unnecessary. So while baby movement is by far the coolest thing about this whole process, even that is not totally without it's downsides.

So yeah.  Miracle of creating life and all that jazz, but there is (I'm going to say almost here because I feel like I am overlooking something, although if I am its obviously not that great) almost no part of this process so far that is not, at the very least, bothersome.  I'm sure I will let you know in a couple of months that all this was worth it, but so far I have been largely unimpressed.

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