Thursday, August 23, 2012


Okay,  I understand that you can't control everything in life.  I am usually very good at taking things as they come and dealing with it when things don't go my way.  But this is getting fracking ridiculous.

Apartment won't sell, blah blah  year and a half, no room for the child on the way, blah blah.  I've pretty much accepted the fact that someone else is in charge of that whole mess and my plans mean squat.  I have to assume His plans are better for us in the long run.  I'm still frustrated.  Mostly because it is really getting my husband down and there is nothing I can do about it.

And oh yeah,  child on the way.  Totally planned, totally exciting (and terrifying) and the timing is totally out of my control.  Kind of scary when you know you could be having a child, and looking to buy a house in the same week.  Not that the having to move thing is looking likely at the moment, but that could change very fast and the way my big life plans have been working out lately, I am not discounting the possibility of a very badly timed offer.

And the third thing, which is definitely the most frustrating right now, is that the laundry room is still a disaster from the upstairs apartment flood, and we are STILL waiting for the restoration crew to come in and fix things. Its been almost 3 weeks since the incident.  I have an incoming newborn, the possibility of having to show my apartment, a laundry room that is barely functional, a tool chest in my kitchen, and paint cans under my table.  I am SO unimpressed.

To be fair, the restoration guys were totally on it, got things dried out, and said they could have everything else done in a week. 3 weeks ago.  But since the damage was caused by the upstairs unit they have to pay for repairs and they are being super slow to approve them.  The company can't do anything until they get the go ahead from the upstairs neighbours.  I totally intend to hang around outside their door with a screaming infant while the guys are working, I tell you what.

So yeah,  I have three big looming things that could all happen at any time, and I'm very frustrated that I have no control over when that all goes down.  For all I know, the first week of September I will be coming home from the hospital  to work crews and paint fumes in my apartment and needing to sign paperwork and go house hunting.  That's kind of my nightmare.

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