Monday, July 16, 2012

Not Geeky Enough

I will never go to Comic Con. Well, the San Diego one anyway. Even though there is a lot of cool things going on down there that I would love to attend and SO many authors and actors I would love to meet, I just can't see myself enjoying it for one simple reason. Too many people!

 I went to Emerald City this year. It was fun enough, but there were WAY to many people for me (and not enough cool panels, and turns out I am really not that interested in comic books, but that's a different issue). At one point I spend 45 minutes trying to walk down a hallway. Not even kidding. It took me almost an hour of navigating through hot sweaty geek bodies to walk the length of a short city block. Not cool. Since SDCC is so much bigger, I don't see any reason that I would have a better time there. I mean, I am not a get in line at midnight for an 11am panel kind of person. If there is something I want to see I will show up an hour early, tops. Which means that at big conventions, I wouldn't get into anything cool. I'm not willing to sacrifice that much of my day, or miss out on other things I want, just to wait in line.

 So I am not a super geek. I am not willing to spend thousands of dollars to fight thousands of people for many hours for the chance to see someone I admire from 50 feet away. And I am certainly not willing to spend hours in line for the privilege of paying someone to sign something I have already bought. That's just lame. Although I would like to shop the booths for geeky things. That looks cool, and possibly a little less claustrophobic. If I were to go at non-peak times. But again, not worth airfare. So I will read news, watch videos and squee from afar.

 I think I will go to Norweson again. That was just about my speed. Smaller, cheaper, closer, and full of awesome things to see and watch and buy. Also, it's more about books :-)

PS:  We still live here for the foreseeable future.  Sigh.

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