Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Shoes. Bah.

I  hate shoe shopping.  So SO much.

"But you're a girl!"  you say, "Don't all girls LOVE shoes?"

To which I reply,  "Your stupid is showing.  Might wanna tuck that back in"

I have three main reasons for my dislike of shoe shopping.  Reason one, is that I  hate wearing shoes.  A lot.  They make my feet uncomfortably hot, it is really hard to get comfy ones that look good, and wearing shoes means I need to find a pair of socks that are actually still a pair.  It's a pain.  I would rather not do it.  Which is why it is December and I am wearing a pair of slip on flats that I bought last spring.

Reason two is that when I go shopping I have something very specific in mind and can never find anything remotely close to what I want.  For example, this last week I went looking for a pair of boots so that when I step in winter puddles, my ankles don't get wet.  I want a pair that is flat, not too fuzzy inside (see previous comment re: hot feet), comfortable  (heaven forbid!), and not rubber boots.   Apparently there is no such thing in this whole city. Unless you have size 6 feet apparently. I found lots of tiny boots that fit that description.  Which brings me to....

Reason three.  I have stupid feet.  Seriously.  I am size 8 1/2 W.  Not only am I a half size, I am wide to boot (Ha! Totally unintended pun!).  At least, that was my size before little bug.  Apparently one of the things that changes after pregnancy that no one mentions is your foot size.  I seem to have gotten even wider.  Either that or the "wide" shoes I was trying on were lying to me.  If they would have had something even close to what I was looking for in a size 9w, I might have tried that, but no such luck.  Hopefully my feet got that just a little bit longer too, so that I can ditch the annoying half size and just be stuck with the one shoe type that most stores don't even carry instead of both. But I have a feeling that I will be looking for an 8.5ww  next time I go out.

Anyone know a good, cheap cobbler???

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