Saturday, March 30, 2013


I finally bought Settlers of Catan yesterday. I figured we have been wanting it for ages, and it was my birthday, so what the heck.  We went to check out the new game store in town and see if they had the space/were willing to host the occasional game night for this new group of geeky ladies I am apparently organizing to do such things.  And they do/are.  So YAY! Gaming place!  Also, it turns out the the owner is an old friend of the hubband, so that was cool!  

In related news, I am being abandoned for Table Top day.  The original plan was D&D, but due to it being the end of the semester, that got put off.  Then it was going to be board games (probably Risk) with whoever was left.  But my very helpful hubby is going to help someone move instead, so now it is just me sitting in my apartment with the baby and hoping one or two of the few friends I invited will come by. Which I highly doubt.  Table Top day is a great idea, but Easter weekend might not have been the best kick off.  A lot of people are busy or out of town.

I think I will instead remake my angel deck for Magic. The last set had some great angels, and my current deck is a little bulky and slow, so it is time to update! I wonder if I can teach Jane to play yet...  with cheap edible cards of course...  Probably not. :-)

Anyway, on my way out the door to meet said Geeky Ladies and plan our awesome future events!

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