Friday, November 09, 2012

There is no Title

Despite my best efforts, there is too much pink in this house!

It is a perfectly nice color as far as colors go, but why is it impossible to find clothes for little girls in any other color?  It's like trying to find a dress with any kind of sleeve in the summer.  Next time we need to buy her something, I am going to the boys section.  Of course we actually have a fairly good set of clothes bought by other people, so I don't really have an excuse yet.  So for now I will just be wandering around the world with a little pink bundle.  As long as we don't limit her to pink toys, we should be okay. She can have real lego bricks like a regular kid. Also, other toys with moving parts that involve thinking.  Because:

(Thank you

Not that I want her to be an engineer, necessarily,  but smart and capable of critical and creative thinking would be nice.

In other, more exciting (to me) news, my husband is putting together another D&D campaign!  It has been over a year since we gave up on the last one, and I do miss playing.  He is a great story teller, and we have a good bunch of people we are looking forward to playing with.  Also, I get to play a Pixie Witch.  I am teeny, and I fly and shoot lightning bolts and fireballs at things. It's going to be awesome!  Little bug can be my Moon Wisp familiar and coo at things for me.  Yeah, we will geek together. Cuz she seems to be good with that so far....

Oh yeah, and there was a big  election.   May I say, Whew.  I know I am not American, but that country impacts ours so much that we do have some stake in the outcome, even if we have no say in it.  I was seriously terrified for a bit there that hate and bigotry and general jackassedness would take over.  But I am okay now.

Although I am still slightly embarrassed that those people and I both consider ourselves Christian.  Embarrassed for them, not me.  I have never seen a group of people so completely missing the point of a very simple concept.  I mean, Christ healed people. For free and everything. And not just any old rich people, the poor and the sinners even!  What part of "Love thy neighbour as thyself"  is hard to understand, especially given his example?  I mean, really.  You hear the disgust in my voice?  oops.

Here is hoping that the old rich white guys party can stop making up "moral" issues they should already be over and spend the next few years working on an actual social and economic policy that might actually help people. Your religious beliefs are your own and the world wants to know if you can lead, not if you are righteous (which by the way, you are doing wrong.  There is no "self" in front of that)

Moving on.

Yay D&D!
And now lunch.

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