Friday, June 22, 2012

Change and Starting Again

Hey there internet.  How've you been?   I was thinking I should start a new blog, but I found reading over my old posts kind of fun, so I think I will stay here and maybe rebrand a little as I feel inspired too.

General life update for those who care about what's new since.....oh 2008:  Done school.  Working at a public library in the area and loving it.  Trying to buy a house, but not having any luck selling our apartment.  Planning on turning the computer room into the nursery by the end of the summer. Oooh!  And I just got a new lemon juicer after Gord juiced the ever-living crap out of a lemon and broke the old one!

It amazes me how much can change while you are sitting there thinking nothing is new.  It's all the same old stuff over and over every day, until you look back and realize that your days a year ago were totally different somehow, and you never noticed!    I mean, sure, there are big things that change occasionally but after the first day or two, that becomes the norm and you stop thinking about it and when someone asks "what's new" you shrug and say "not much"  even though your entire life is changing around you.

For example, there is not a single good Science Fiction show on TV right now (with the sporadic exception of Doctor Who).  That is a pretty big deal! Suddenly I am reading WAY more, and I have new favorite authors, and have started knitting to keep from staring into space when I have nothing better to do because there is NOTHING ON TV!  Also, I watched Mad Men.  *Shudder*

Maybe I will say that to the next well meaning lady who asks what is new even though they don't really care and only want me to let them touch my tummy......

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